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Why You Should Care About Filibuster Abuse

The CWA president Larry Cohen was on the Ed Show on Saturday June 1, 2013 talking about filibuster abuse occurring in the American senate. Ed Schultz stated that filibuster abuse goes "far beyond labor... this is about democracy" calling out both big business republicans and democrats who look for campaign funding. 

CWA president Larry Cohen says that no one is senate is saying "enough is enough" but they need to act soon in the face of democracy. Cohen says that citizens have come up democratic politicians asking "which side are you on" with the only response being "well where am I going to get the funding for my next campaign from?". 

Filibuster abuse "is not just about Republicans" and is causing anti-labor laws to go into place quickly without much notice, Filibuster abuse is allowing pro big business legislature, effectively eliminating "the only defense there is for American workers and now we have corporations attacking even the regional labor boards, that they have no standing because the national board has no standing" stated Cohen in his closing statement during the interview with Ed Schultz. 

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