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Politics is the peaceful employment of strength and the only alternative to violence. Without political action and legal protections, even the workers basic right to organize— a right as old as democracy and guaranteed in the US Constitution in the rights of free association and free assembly— could be outlawed. It is already infringed, especially by so-called "right-to-work" laws (which really means "right-to-fire"). Arizona is one such state and, because of this, union membership has been very low. Is it a surprise that pay and benefits are low also and that most Arizonans do not enjoy the same standard of living enjoyed by union-friendly states?

One way that your union supports your right to a decent quality of life is by promoting legislation and political action in your favor. This is the responsibility of the Political and Legislative Action Committee.

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Pima Area Labor Federation (PALF) is a regional arm of the AFL-CIO which is comprised by unions in our area. Your CWA Local 7000 is a member and it happens that your President Linda Hatfield is the chair. PALF is how we consolidate the various unions into a more effective political force. The political efforts are lead by the Field Director Laura Dent.

Union dues are not used to support political candidates. This is illegal under current law. If you would like the union to support candidates who are committed to your rights and your welfare, you should contribute to the Committee On Political Education (COPE). This fund is collected to offset the contributions of corporations and wealthy CEO's to union-busting politicians. For more information on COPE,

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