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Shannon Roberts is an agent at New York Life and he will gladly help any new member that will join CWA and ensure that all members in the union are satisfied with all of their needs! Below is the information to help everyone get involved with him!

Shannon Roberts
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CWA Local 7000 is one of the over 2000 local unions that make up Communications Workers of America, one of the largest unions in Northern America, representing 700,000 workers in public and private sector employment.

 An article from KOLD News Tucson

Washington, D.C. – On Nov. 1, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Acting General Counsel Lafe E. Solomon announced that the U.S. government would prosecute T-Mobile US for violating U.S. labor law.

The government now intends to prove that T-Mobile US illegally fired Joshua Coleman and disciplined Ellen Brackeen, who both worked at a call center in Wichita, Kan., because of their union activity.

 New Trade Deal For the US

This article from talks about the extremely similar pension crisis that is happening in Pennsylvania. Retirement pension for new and younger employees will be removed and placed into a private 401(k).

From Union Circle News: 

"Only one in 20 Arizonans is a member of a union, but that hasn’t stopped several state lawmakers from pushing bills aimed at restricting organized labor." 

 "There's an oft repeated myth being fed by many that claims the defined benefit pension plans available to most public employees are going bankrupt.

While a new report by the Pew Center for the States feeds those myths, Pew's research paints a false picture of pensions. Here are five oft-peddled myths about public pensions followed by the facts."

A filibuster is an action like a prolonged speech or conference that blocks progress, seen especially in political groups. This is occurring on a very frequent basis in the American senate to block pro-union laws.

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