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The end of Florida’s traditional pension plan for government workers may be in sight.

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A controversial plan to let future state employees opt into a 401(k) style pension plans – instead of fixed-payment pensions that most receive today – won passage in the state Senate by a narrow vote of 25 to 22 on Thursday.

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This article from talks about the extremely similar pension crisis that is happening in Pennsylvania. Retirement pension for new and younger employees will be removed and placed into a private 401(k).

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"Only one in 20 Arizonans is a member of a union, but that hasn’t stopped several state lawmakers from pushing bills aimed at restricting organized labor." 

 "There's an oft repeated myth being fed by many that claims the defined benefit pension plans available to most public employees are going bankrupt.

While a new report by the Pew Center for the States feeds those myths, Pew's research paints a false picture of pensions. Here are five oft-peddled myths about public pensions followed by the facts."

A filibuster is an action like a prolonged speech or conference that blocks progress, seen especially in political groups. This is occurring on a very frequent basis in the American senate to block pro-union laws.

It's time to confront elected officials who try to divide working women and men.

Two national unions and the Pennsylvania NAACP today announced a collaborative effort to register 25,000 new voters in the Keystone State by October 1st.

A new video released by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) offers an essential reminder that the offshoring of U.S. jobs is all-too-real and personal for hundreds of thousands of American workers.


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